Real Talk

My 2019 “Resolutions”

By definition, a resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. Yet, these days it seems like it means a firm intention that we forget about just a few months (sometimes just weeks) into the new year. They’re often so vague that it’s hard to determine if you’ve actually accomplished them or not. On the other hand, sometimes they’re simply unrealistic. I’ve never really been one for resolutions and prefer to set goals. Goals are specific and have detailed plans in order for them to be achieved – and that’s exactly what I intend to do. 

I’ve decided to make goals that benefit four areas: my mind, my body, my faith, and my finances. 

My Mind:

  1. Read 1 new book each month – I started reading a lot more in 2018, but I’m bad about finishing books. I’m also always in the middle of reading The Great Gatsby. In 2019 I want to read “self-help”, fiction, and everything in between. Not only to I enjoy it but I believe good writers have to be really good readers.
  2. Listen to podcasts on the way to work at least once per week – I’ll go through phases when I’m all about podcasts and then just stop. Some of my favorite podcasts include: Revisionist History, This American Life, How I Built This, Quote of the Day Show.
  3. Learn at least one new skill – Christmas of 2017 I asked for a book and pens to lean hand lettering, and I didn’t work on it as much as I would have liked to. So I want to really learn that, and then some else. I don’t know what, but something outside of my comfort zone or normalcy.

My Body:

  1. Never go more than 1 week without being active or working out – I tend to be great with workouts for 3 weeks and then do nothing for 3 weeks. So this year I’ll try to be consistent. I also want to be more active outside and work on my surf skills.
  2. Limit alcohol to special occasions – If you’ve read my other posts you know that alcohol is something I struggle with. So my goal is to cut out casual/mindless drinking and only have a couple drinks on special occasions.
  3. Run a half marathon – Ever since I discovered Vacation Races, I’ve wanted to run a half marathon at Glacier National Mark (side note: I love National Parks to the point that I got a college degree about them). This one terrifies me because I have ran more than a 5k since I had knee surgery when I was 18.

My Faith:

  1. Never miss an Eleven22 Sermon (either in person or via recording) – these sermons feed my soul. In 2019 I want to make sure I never miss a single sermon. Thankfully all of them are published on the church’s podcast so even if I’m out of town I can still catch it. I highly recommend the podcast if you live outside of Jax and you’re unable to physically attend one of the campuses.
  2. Do a devotional or bible study weekly – I grew a lot in my faith in 2018, so I want to expand on that by taking time out of each week in the middle of all the craziness to focus on my relationship with God.
  3. Establish a role in the church – Growing up I was always very involved in my church, as was my entire family. Now I’ve found a new church so I want to invest my time and talents into it & my faith family.

My Finances:

  1. Pay off all credit card debt – I haven’t let it get out of control, but I’m annoyed that it even exists. There’s really no reason for it to exist.
  2. Invest in more experiences, less unnecessary materials – I have so much stuff and clothing. Why?! The shininess of things wear off, but memories & experiences stay golden. I plan to visit some new mountains, another national park and who knows what else.
  3. Learn more about investing my money – the extent of my investment knowledge what I’ve learned from starting my 401k and setting up an Acorns account. I don’t plan on being a huge stock market investor, but I do think it’s beneficially invest money and if like to be able to do so wisely.

Bonus resolution: Write more. Whether it’s on my blog or in journal, I know that writing puts me at ease and helps me figure out what I’m thinking and feeling.

So there’s my list. It’s quite extensive but none of it is unachievable or unrealistic. At the beginning of every month I’ll reread this and make a plan for how I will get closer to achieving each of these goals that month. The nice thing about having so many is that I’m able to work on several areas of my life, and I have so many more opportunities to be successful.

Here’s to the new year. I hope that you look back at the end of it and see how much you’ve grown since today.

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